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Welcome to the authentic website of Casper apk, we here will provide you with the updated versions of Casper apk for Android.  Casper apk is one of the best snapchat, stories, images, videos saver app for Android. Get Casper for your device now!

 Snapchat is famous for its filters, it has been around for quite a long time now even though there’s a tough competition in the market for a fun and entertaining app with filters and snaps features but still, snapchat is a top choice for social media users.

 Some of the users prefer snapchat because of it’s vanishing feature but users still are able to take a screenshot of the snaps but this notifies the sender which is quite embarrassing sometimes. Though we have so many apps to bypass this, do keep in mind that snapchat co. doesn’t sponsor these kinds of apps, so make sure that you use them at your own risk.

 So there are a dozen of apps, one of them which is Casper apk and the best part about Casper apk is that it doesn’t require root access of your device for adding features or Downloading Casper apk.

Casper Apk is basically a utility which can enhance your snapchat more fun and enjoyable. So, let’s move on to the features list of Casper apk for Snapchat.

Top Features Of Casper APK

 1.Casper apk allows the user to save the snaps which they receive and the interesting part is that the person sending won’t be notified, so you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of taking a screenshot anymore!

2. Casper apk allows you to forward the snaps to your contacts.

 3. Casper is packed with loads of filters.

4. The slide filters, which are for advanced users only which helps them make their snaps more professional. If you have used GeoFliters with snapchat, then you’ll be quite at home with the feature, but you will need to create them yourself and upload them unto Casper apk media editor.

 5. Casper has integrated emoji SDK into it, it allows users to search among many stickers options so they can be inserted into users snaps or photos.

 6. Casper allows the user to customize the user’s media with their creative ideas.

Quite interesting features, isn’t it? So, let’s move on to the installation process

1. Before commencing the installation process,

2. Go to settings, search for security and check the box “Unknown sources” to enable them

Casper apk is not available on google play store which is why you’ll have enabled this option. Otherwise, the app will not be installed as android doesn’t allow installing apps outside the google play store unless the user permits to do so.

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