How to Download GarageBand For PC

The GarageBand is one of the top music creation tools available for Mac, iPhone and iPad. It comes with a fully equipped music creation studio.

The studio comes with some of the top features that include instruments, presets for guitar and voice.

 Also, there are quite a lot of other features that we will be talking about later in the article. Even the application is quite easy to learn and get used to it.

In other words, you can say that the GarageBand application adds a complete music studio on your Apple device. Hence it becomes easy for you to make professional sounding music with an ease.

With the help of Garageband, you will be able to make songs, ringtones and other projects. Even using the application is not as hard as it seems.

Just plug in your guitar or microphone select your preferred amp and effects and you are all set.

However talking about the GarageBand for pc, well sadly there is no direct options are available for the Windows computer.

But this does not mean that you cannot use this awesome music creation tool on your windows computer.

However, if you want to know how to GarageBand for Windows. Then read on, as we will be sharing some of the top ways to do so.

Anyway, now let’s just talk about the top features that the Garageband is offering.

Top Features of Garageband:

Create your own music projects:

With the help of the GarageBand, you will be able to take your creativity to a next level. It does not matter if you are a pro or a beginner in music producing.

You can easily get used to the application by creating new projects. Also, you can easily add loops, record your own voice or instrument.

As well as you can arrange and mix the whole project without any issues.

Record voices and musical instruments:

GarageBand offers you the feature to record your voice or an instrument. Or any type of sound that you would like to capture using a microphone.

It has quite a lot of pro quality guitar amps and effects which helps you to record an electric guitar sound. As well as you will be able to edit the sound.

You also get a feature to play and record virtual instruments embedded into the software. So if you do not own a music instrument, but want to use its sound. Then you can easily do so.

As the GarageBand comes with a large collection of software instruments. That includes pianos, synthesizers, and other keyboards. Also, you will get instruments like guitars, drums, horns, and the other ones.

Add Apple Loops:

GarageBand has a large collection of Apple Loops. You can easily add these loops to your projects and get the most out of it.

Also, you can search for loops, preview them by listening to the loops. As well as you can add them to your project in the simplest way. Just drag and drop and you are good to go.

This way, you do not need to download an apple loop and saves quite a lot of time. Also, let us mention that when you add loops which are recorded at different speeds. The loops will end up playing along with the other tracks speed which is really cool.

Arrange and mix your music:

The tracks area is something where you going to spend most of the time. And that is why GarageBand made it as simple as possible.

Hence, as a result, you will be able to arrange your recording, loops and imported files in an easy way. Also, you can easily trim, rename, move and make other edits in the simplest manner.

Make global changes:

GarageBand also allows you to manipulated different aspects of a project thanks to the Arrangement track feature. It also lets you manipulate other aspects such as Tempo track, and Transposition track.

Another great feature of the application is that you can track to view video frames. As well as synchronize the video files with music and all these can be done using the master track.

Learn to play guitar or piano:

As a musician, it is important to learn how to play guitar or piano or any other instrument. Hence the GarageBand comes with guitar or keyboard lessons.

Just play a lesson and watch the teachers’ instructions. The instructions come with music notation, chord symbols, and animated fingerings. Also, it has a few other features.

Share your music with the world:

Once you are done creating a project, GarageBand offers you the option to share it with iTunes, iCloud or SoundCloud.

You can easily share your project using the AirDrop or MailDrop.  Or you can easily export the project to your disk or burn it into a CD.

Furthermore, you can also create an iPhone ringtone using a template from an existing project.

That was all the top features that GarageBand is offering. Now let’s just move to the next section.

Well, there are lots of people who want to use Garageband on their PC. And have this question in their head that Can I Use GarageBand for Windows?

In case if you happen to be one of such persons as well. Then let us answer the question for you:

Can I Use GarageBand for Windows?

As mentioned above that Garageband app doesn’t have any official version available for windows. Hence you cant install the app directly on your PC.

However, there are two ways that you can use to run GarageBand for Windows. And here are those ways:

Using Google Chrome Remote Desktop:

Using Google Chrome’s Remote desktop is a great way to use GarageBand. However, you can only use this way if you own a Mac computer.

This way is all about controlling the software using Google Chrome. Anyway here’s how you can do so:

  • First of all, make sure your Windows and Mac computer has Google Chrome Installed.
  • Then do download and install the Google Chrome Remote Desktop on the both of the computers. Simply go to Chrome web store and search for the extension.
  • Now launch the Google Chrome on your Mac computer and click on the Google Chrome Remote Desktop extension.
  • Now select Get started and you will find a code.
  • Now go to your Windows computer and run Remote Desktop.
  • Enter the code and you are all set to use GarageBand over a remote desktop network.

Using an iOS Emulator:

You can also use an iOS emulator to run GarageBand on a Windows PC. For this you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all download iPadian and install it on your computer.
  • Once installed launch the application and go to apple app store.
  • Then download Garageband from there and install it.
  • Once installed you are all set to use GarageBand for PC.

 Try GarageBand Alternatives:

Using some of the GarageBand Alternatives to do your job is also a great idea. As both of the ways that we have mentioned above is not reliable.

 Hence you better give a try to the GarageBand Alternatives as well. Also just to help you out with the GarageBand Alternatives, we have handpicked some of the top music creation tools. So let’s just talk about each of them one by one.

Mixcraft 7:

The biggest feature that GarageBand has it’s the large library of apple loops. This helps the users to create a song in the easiest way.

However, if you want to use an application for windows which also has a huge library. Then go ahead and try out the Mixcraft 7. This application is not a free one though but comes with a trail.

Just like the GarageBand, you can easily drag and drop loops and mix them. Also, the user interface of the application is pretty clean.


Reaper is also one of the top music creation tools out there. Also a great alternative to the GarageBand. However, in order to use the app, you have to pay for it.

 The Reaper is a software that gives a user quite a lot of options to create music.  However, you have to have basic knowledge about music creation to get along with the app.

FL Studio:

In the end, we have the FL Studio. The application is also a premium one and comes with a price tag.

The application almost works as the Garageband and has the required features. Also, you will get a huge library of loops. As well as the application is quite easy to use.

How to use Garageband for mac?

Explaining, How to use Garageband for Mac is not something we could explain over here. However, let us give you an overview of it:

  • First of all, launch the Garageband application for Mac and create a new empty project.
  • Then do choose your track type between Software Instrument, Audio, or Drummer. For example, go with the software instrument.
  • Now from the left menu select libraries. On the top, there is the workspace, also you will see a musical keyboard.
  • Use each of them and try to learn how to use them.

Anyway, with that said that was all for the GarageBand for PC article. For any questions, you can comment below.

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